Latino Beat 6th Latin Festival Paradise UK


Live Salsa Band


Keith & Rachel – tbc

Keith and Lu Parker have been dancing Salsa for 12 years. It all started whilst they were on holiday in Puerto Rico. They loved the music first, as they are both professional musicians, and then fell in love with the energy, passion and freedom of Salsa dancing. They lived abroad for 6 years, returning to the UK in 1994. The one thing they wanted to bring home with them was their love of Salsa music and dance and so formed four bands on their return, one of them being a 14-piece Salsa band. After three years they decided to move to Somerset and return to their other great love of farming, which they are both very much involved with to this day. Lu runs her own pedigree dairy farm in the Shepton Mallet area whilst Keith has moved into Pedigree Genetics and Breeding in both cows and horses, as well as being a dairy inspector. Keith currently varies his time between the UK, USA and South America incorporating both work and Salsa. He has, in the last two years taught in Buenos Aries, Argentina. Sao Paulo, Brazil and Santiago, Chile.

Keith and Lu have danced their unique style of Salsa throughout the globe including Canada, USA, South America as well as Europe, aiming to seal the bond between learning and fun. They have also danced at World Salsa competitive level in no less than seven championships throughout the USA and Europe and were runners up last year at the Orlando Salsa Open Dance Championships and were finalists in the 2004/2005 World Salsa Championships held in London.

They have a great team of Salsa friends around them who make up the SALSA LOCO team. They work tirelessly with promotion, bookings, teaching, and now have Rachel Pearson in their team who specialises in Argentinian Tango.

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