Latino Beat 6th Latin Festival Paradise UK


Live Salsa Band


Marvin Ramos & Kristin – tbc

Since the age of six Marvin started his first dance steps…like street dancer, at the age of eight he began his adventure like professional dancer together his brothers (Los Hermanos Ramos-Ramos brothers) travelling all Colombia.

In 1999 arrived in Italy as a dancer on television…in different programs, dancing with international singers: Grupo Gale, Grupo Niche, Guayacan, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Victor Manuel, La India, Joe Arroyo, Oscar de Leon and many more!
together with Cristina Iannilli (name of art KRISTIN)
Italian dancer since 1999 began her first steps of salsa as his student.
in 2002 is part of dancers in the group I fratelli Ramos (Ramos brothers) Marvin Ramos and Kristin (Sabor de America) rotate in different salsa congresses in Italy as artists revelation 2008 2009.

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