Latino Beat 6th Latin Festival Paradise UK


Live Salsa Band


Tracie & Marcus – tbc

Tracie Gooch (UKA Qualified)

My Mum loves dancing and regularly went waltzing and jitterbugging in the war. So from the age of 3 my Mum took me to ballet classes, then at 8 introduced me to my formal dance training in Ballroom and Latin dancing, where I stayed to complete all my medals as well as competing all around the country. Without a male dance partner, I couldn’t compete seriously, so I took a break for 11 years, and returned to assist in teaching both children and adults until I moved to Southampton in 1994.

I love all types of dancing, from Aerobacise to Tap, and just before I moved down to Southampton from Hertfordshire, my aerobics instructor took me to my first Salsa club in London in 1993 with Elder Sanchez (one of the first Salsa teachers in the UK)… and then my passion for dancing took on a new level and I have never looked back!

Having moved to find a very limited Salsa scene in Southampton, I decided to teach Salsa on a Wednesday night to complement the existing club night run by Steve and Kathryn Tracey. Mish and I began teaching every Wednesday, in May 1996, at Bannisters Ballroom, Hulse Road (now a block of flats). Little did I know that my hobby would change my life and culminate in a buzzing friendly Salsa scene in Hampshire.

Marcus Groves (UKA Qualified)

From a toddler, I have danced all my life, firstly as my father’s rule was “Friday night is dance night”, and secondly clubbing to RnB, Hip Hop and Jungle dancing until my early twenties. Then a bolt came from the blue, when a friend took me to Merchants in October 2000 and I was introduced to a new way of life … SALSA!!.

I met great people of all ages who were fit and agile while dancing so often and I became addicted. Soon I was travelling hundreds of miles to attend salsa clubs and classes throughout the UK, 4-6 times a week, sometimes to all night events and driving home the next morning in bright daylight (that’s a killer).

In 2002 Tracie took me under her wing and tutored me to be a future salsa dance instructor for TLC, hence in January 2003, after having been educated to a brain aching degree, I have immense pleasure in instructing others in Salsa on Fridays at Caliente and on Tuesdays at Ford.

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